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In case you didn’t know…I recorded it myself, Independently, in my home recording studio (that I’ve nicknamed ‘The Shrieking Shack’ lol can you tell me what that’s a reference to?). I started recording a couple songs back at Rocker Studios in my hometown Santa Cruz, CA with producer ‘Father’ Rick Vierra (who co-produced & engineered my last album ‘Riot On Sunset’ in 2016). The work we started was unfinished due to our family move, so, I decided to take on the rest of album myself as part of our new adventure living in Nashville, TN! I’ve got a couple Santa Cruz friends featured on the album including Dale Ockerman (Piano), Dany Cobo (Violin), Jeremy Cross (Drums) & Trent Smith (Violin), respectively on 3 different songs. Another exciting thing that you’ll find different than any of my previous album releases is that I wrote 100% of every original song on this album (other than my cover of the classic hit "House Of The Rising Sun") & played all other parts/instruments myself. Some songs go back years, some written on the road, others written around our cross country move and even one I wrote the week I recorded it for the album :) We are releasing the album via our Independent Record Label ‘Wild Vine Records’. If you’re unfamiliar with WVR check out quick story at

My wife, manager, bullshit detector & co-pilot in all things Heidi has said quote, “These are some of my favorite songs you’ve ever recorded”.

I hope you’re ready to hear another side of me, because its taken me a while to allow myself to let go & show this side. These songs contain a lot of truths, stories, thoughts, feelings & memories. I hope you can get out of them an ounce of what I’ve put into them :)


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