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I have to tell you how much fun I had doing "HOMELAND" all myself. By that I mean writing all the songs, recording, producing, engineering, performing, mixing, mastering etc. Though I’ve got some Santa Cruz/Hometown friends highlighted on a couple songs on the album: Jeremy Cross, Dale Ockerman, Dany Como & Trent Smith; So far my roles have included all guitar, bass, lead vocals, background vocals, harmonica, percussion & programming! But the most rewarding thing has been the sense of completion and satisfaction hearing something that I’m loving listening to and feeling accomplished that I was capable of doing it entirely by myself. Without another Record Label Deal. Without A&R influencing the artistry. This is a true representation of what I am capable of as an artist. These are MY songs, MY instincts, MY vulnerabilities. This is ME. On my own so to speak.

This isn’t my first Independent Release, having done “A Thrill Of Hope” with Jeremy Cross & “Riot On Sunset” with ‘Father’ Rick Vierra, but this time, its just me. James Durbin.

I’ve still got my headphones on and I’m still listening to these songs. An artist is always proud of what’s to come out next. They always assure you that “This is my greatest album yet”. For Me, this time, that sentence is truer than ever before. Being that this is My 1st album, made by Me, it’s safe to say…This is My greatest album yet. :)


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